Healthy Body – Weight Loss, Superfoods Nutrition & Energy Booster

Lose weight & learn how to deliciously and effectively nourish and care for your body

Ready to lose weight, be healthy, feel great in your skin and look forward to not looking back?

  • Say goodbye to diets that starve you and have you gain more weight later on.
  • Lose weight while learning how to eat for health and longevity.
  • This self-care coaching program specifically addresses optimal nutrition and care for the body.
  • Bust your food cravings and your unhealthy habits without depriving yourself.
  • Discover delicious Superfoods and nutrition that will boost your energy!
  • Empower yourself with outstanding and compassionate self-care through the changes of middle-age, address the symptoms of menopause if you are a woman, or andropause if you are a man and remain active and productive through the years to come!

Coaching sessions are held in my office in Paris or, for convenience, on the phone via Whatsapp or simply by video-conference on Zoom.

Are you ready to improve your well-being and revitalize your energy? or you don’t know how to start your journey towards a healthier more balanced life?
I am offering you a complimentary Discovery session of Holistic Health Coaching.

Ready to take a step towards feeling better in your skin and in your mind, and reclaiming your vitality? 
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Breakfast 2 fruits and bread
Breakfast 1 yogurt and chia