Cassis Moussu is a certified integrative nutrition health coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Happiness at Work certified consultant from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher. She founded Healthy Work Warriors and her mind/body programs to address the crucial lack of education about physical and mental self-care for professionals in the workplace.

She helps busy “work warriors” achieve their own healthy lifestyle changes to nurture the energy and well-being they so need to sustain a rich and active career and life. Through supportive and accountable coaching and steady holistic healthy changes of habits, her clients meet their well-being objectives.

Because of her diverse experiences in the business world, Cassis brings a unique understanding and an insider approach to helping professionals, executives and companies change their habits and the way they approach health and work. For over 20 years, as a professional woman and business owner in New York City, she weathered the physical, mental and emotional up and downs that many of you encounter along your career path to greatness.

She knows the challenges you may face due to your demanding professional life: poor nutrition, sedentarity, lack of physical activity, low energy, exhaustion and lack of sleep, loss of motivation, shrinking personal life, unsupportive work environment, lack of motivation, hardship, stress, worry, overwhelm, burnout and more. Those issues can be heightened by our increasingly technology-driven world that has redefined the way we work and work cultures where showing vulnerability is assimilated to lower performance.

Her individual coaching programs and workshops are intended for men and women, professionals, freelancers, consultants, executives and entrepreneurs, who are looking to conquer their well-being problems. They want solutions that will fit their particular lifestyle, needs and constraints. Her aim is to empower her clients in the areas where they need help, so they learn to foster and manage their most precious resource to succeed in bringing harmony between work and life: their vitality.

"Yes, we can get first rate education to ensure a thriving career. But, what we are not taught before starting our professional journey is how to manage our most precious resource: our vitality. The physical and mental energy we so need to stay the course, over the years, to sustain the pace, to face the struggles, to overcome the obstacles and to keep our motivation up to materialize our dream life."

In addition to coaching healthy work warriors at the individual level, Cassis advises businesses on fostering positive work environments that support employee well-being and happiness. Today’s skilled and diverse workforce wants to be part of purpose-driven organizations that champion healthy cultures and work-life balance.

And for companies, being able to attract more engaged and purpose-driven employees means the decrease of substantial disengagement costs but also, the increase of collaboration, innovation and productivity. It is simply better for all involved, happy workers make for thriving companies.

To assist businesses and their leaders in implementing and modeling the well-being and satisfaction of their workers, Cassis works with HR managers and decision-makers in designing tailored wellness solutions to increase performance. Her teambuilding and management workshops and tailored programs address the bettering of employees’ physical and mental well-being, implementing the key factors of engagement, educating on mindfulness practices to regulate stress and build resilience and cultivating emotional intelligence.

Ultimately, companies who wish to build outstanding reputations understand they must support their most precious asset: the vital energy that drives their workforce. An employee who feels good coming to work, who feels good in his/her skin, can focus his/her attention, is better at decision making, can regulate his/her emotions, bounce back from setbacks and collaborate with others. A purpose-led employee is a valuable employee who will not simply cost less to a company but bring incredible value. By instilling the guiding principles and practices of the best workplaces, companies are able to attract the best workforce to carry out their purpose.

"My passion and pursuit is to empower work warriors at the individual level, by helping them foster the healthy habits that drive rich and productive careers and life; but it is also to assist companies in fostering positive work cultures, where well-being is the energy that creates the momentum for lasting performance. Happiness at Work, is not about applying band-aids, it is about companies embracing the well-being of their employees as their purpose and embodying it, thereby ensuring excellence."

Cassis has gone through many challenging career and life transformations. She credits her own mind/body self-care for her enduring energy, resilience, willpower and optimism. 

Cassis has practiced Vipassana meditation for 20 years, a lifelong mindfulness student and advocate. She teaches mindfulness practices and meditation individually or in workshops and wellness retreats.

She is a lifelong runner and gym rat, an Ashtanga and Vinyassa yoga practitioner.

Cassis is fluent in French & English. She coaches her clients in her office in Paris, France and online via Zoom with work warriors in Europe, US & Canada.

Ready to take a step towards feeling better in your skin and in your mind, and reclaiming your vitality? 
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