Mind/Body Wellness Programs for Companies

The organizations that thrive today and that will be ahead in the years to come, are businesses that care about their most valuable asset: their employees.

With record disengagement and health issues reported by employees in companies around the world, the costs for companies are rising. From absenteeism, to turnover, on-boarding, healthcare, productivity losses and lack of innovation, to name a few.

The companies who want to recruit qualified, engaged and productive employees are understanding that money is not the sole variable to attract them. At all levels of an organization, employees wish to work in an environment and culture that fosters well-being, purpose, resilience, engagement, and social connection.

Businesses and their leaders, who understand that it is in their interest to examine head on the human issues that stifle their growth, are turning things around. By implementing appropriate supportive actions to ensure a culture where physical and emotional well-being is valued, they see substantially improved results.

And justly so. Is there a leader or an employee, who does not prefer spending 8 hours a day minimum in a workplace that fosters personal progress, well-being, satisfaction and ultimately
productivity and growth for the entire organization?

For this purpose, I propose to companies:

  • Tailored workshops to introduce specific aspects of mind/body well-being at work.
  • Holistic Business consulting for larger projects. Investigation, planning and implementation of emotional and physical wellness in their workplace.
  • Reorganization of the workplace to foster purpose, engagement, resilience and kindness using the best practices recommended.

If you are a leader, an executive or an HR director who is curious or committed to introducing practices of physical and mental well-being within your company, I would be happy to start a conversation about your needs and particular culture & framework.

Please feel free to contact me here.

Ready to take a step towards feeling better in your skin and in your mind, and reclaiming your vitality? 
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