Workshops, Groups and Retreats

I communicate with the Newsletter subscribers and on social media about future workshops, webinars and group retreats.
I also propose Team Building workshops with companies.
Finally, there is “strength in numbers”, especially when the mission is to relay holistic practices for better health, quality of life and happiness! So, I partner with holistic practitioners and businesses to create well-thought-out experiences that have a meaningful impact:

  • Optimal nutrition plans and recipes based on whole foods and plants and superfoods ( flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan)
  • Healthy recipes and wellness lifestyle guides for spas, retreats and seminars for a
  • Promoting mind/body well-being through lifestyle changes, superfoods, detox and fast.
  • Managing energy through Integrative nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Stress reduction, relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices and introduction to meditation.
  • All aspects of Mind/Body well-being at work

If you have any questions or would like to explore how we could work together on a holistic health project, do not hesitate to contact me here

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Breakfast 2 fruits and bread
Breakfast 1 yogurt and chia